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"Stone's Throw: Dull London" - Smoked Earl Grey Tea - A Darker Shade of Magic

"Stone's Throw: Dull London" - Smoked Earl Grey Tea - A Darker Shade of Magic

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Sure, make a tea based on Stone's Throw in Dull London, Aleigh- I am sure everyone will want it....

Okay but hear me out, inspiration hits me when it does- so take some black tea, add some Bergamot, oil- you have an Earl Grey- add milk or cream and you get a 'London' Fog... Dull London- all gray... get it? okay somewhat predictable. BUT I went further, obviously. 

With a bit of natural smoke flavor, a kick of chicory, and a few whole white peppercorns, there is a unique kick to this earl grey that makes a fantasTEAcal London fog and an immersive experience into Lila's London.

1tsp - 3-5 min - 212°F

Quantity info:
Each Sample baggie has strip labels and contains enough to make at least 4 servings
Each Medium baggie has a round sticker label and contains enough to make at least 10 servings
Each Tin (2” wide, 2” long, 1” deep) makes 8-10 servings

Black tea, Chicory, white peppercorn, Oil of Bergamont, natural smoke flavor (high caffeine)

Please note these tins are small but will make the quantity of tea specified while following directions.
Volume in the bag varies on brewing instructions so a tea that requires 1 tsp. per serving will contain less tea by volume than one that requires 2 tsp.
Teas included are blended and packaged in a home kitchen.
Please contact us with any allergen concerns!

Allergen Notice:
Cassian: contains Tree Nuts (coconut)
Original distributor of some of the ingredients for all teas also package and store tree nuts, soy, and dairy in common areas.